Opened at Hatagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo in 2021

Store appearance

Supreme Taste and Perfection

Savor the ultimate Edo-style sushi at
"Sushi Tokyo YOSHIDA".
Selected seasonal ingredients and the
finest dainties created by skilled chefs.
The graceful space of the restaurant conveys
an atmosphere of oriental dignity and hospitality
from the owner Tsutomu Yoshida,
as well as an unforgettable rich, culinary experience.
YOSHIDA, a dealer in the
most prestigious watches and jewelry
for more than a century, now offers you an unforgettable gourmet experience you will treasure forever.
Enjoy the highest quality and a unique dining experience at
"Sushi Tokyo YOSHIDA".

Our commitment

Art of the highest quality,
excellent food in season, and freshness.

We only stock selected seafood, including first class tuna.
Our sushi restaurant is supervised by Yukitaka Yamaguchi, the representative of "Yamayuki", who carefully selects the ingredients. They are prepared and set on the plates by masters of Japanese cuisine with delicate and sophisticated skills to give you the supreme culinary experience.
Simply the most delicious sushi and sake you have ever tasted.

Art of the highest quality, excellent food in season, and freshness.
Yukitaka Yamaguchi

Advisor of Sushi Tokyo YOSHIDA:Yukitaka Yamaguchi

Representative director of the Yamayuki Group.
He is also the representative of the wholesaler "Yamayuki",
and commands great respect from high class sushi restaurants all across Japan.
He is highly esteemed because he is so particular about quality and freshness, and has been handling tuna for about 40 years.

Leading Wines and Sake to
Accompany you during
your Special Time

Leading Wines and Sake

Enjoy the noble taste of wines from DRC and at the top five chateaux in France,
as well as the best sake, including Ishidaya and Nizaemon, produced by the Kokuryu Sake Brewery.
The cellar holds a wide choice of elegant beverages, a presence befitting this luxurious and gorgeous restaurant.
The best wine and sake tailored to the mood of the moment is always on hand to accompany the delectable dishes.

Leading Wines and Sake
Leading Wines and Sake
Leading Wines and Sake
Leading Wines and Sake

Traditional Handicrafts
Add their Touch to the
Delicious Meals and Elegant Space

Have seasonal foods with traditional wares created by inherited techniques and quality passed down through the generations.
Works crafted by a Living National Treasure of the 14th generation, Imaizumi Imaemon, and a famous lacquerware shop, Wajimaya Zenni,
gracefully adorn the well-selected cuisine and space provided by "Sushi Tokyo YOSHIDA".

14th Generation Imaizumi Imaemon14th Generation Imaizumi Imaemon

14th Generation
Imaizumi Imaemon,A Living National Treasure

14th generation Imaizumi Imaemon, a successor to prestigious Japanese porcelain wares for more than 370 years since the Edo era, was designated as a holder of Important Intangible Culture (Living Natural Treasure).

Wajimaya ZenniWajimaya Zenni

Wajimaya Zenni,A lacquerware sales / production company

Since its establishment in 1813 (during the Bunka period of the Edo era), in accordance with the family motto saying that craftsmen "should have a sublime personality",
Wajimaya Zenni has been producing and selling lacquerware, a typical Japanese culture, in a spiritual climate that seeks to improve techniques and sensibility.

Seating Information

The sumptuous atmosphere and
extreme elegance
perfectly complement the ultimate sushi.

The entrance hall is commanding, and surrounded by Honkurama stones (quartz diorites).
There is a single board counter made of Kisohinoki, Japanese Kiso Cypress wood, with a length of over 6 meters, cut by Asakura, a manufacturer famous for wooden refrigerators.
Then, an inner room awaits you where colorful drawings of cherry blossoms emerging from gold leaf and transom boards representing Matsushima are glittering in front of the counter.
Here is a space where you will come to know the ultimate sushi.
When you come out of the front garden, you are welcomed by a gilded ceiling and an L-shaped counter made of solid Kisohinoki, Japanese Kiso Cypress wood.
Over the yukimi shoji (snow viewing sliding paper door), like the outer wall of a traditional tea-ceremony house, you can see a picture of a bamboo forest painted on the silver foil.
We have installed special seats on which you can spend a tranquil time.
Savor the menu, offered exclusively by "Sushi Tokyo Yoshida", in a Japanese style space of the highest quality surrounded by cedarwood furnishings with their natural scent.

1st floor counterー
  • 1st floor counter

    1F: 8counter seats

  • First Floor Information
2nd floor counter
  • 2nd floor counter

    2F: 8counter seats

  • wine cellar
1st floor counterFirst Floor Information
1st floor counter1F: 8counter seats
wine cellarwine cellar
2nd floor counter2F: 8counter seats

Restaurant Information

Opened at Hatagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo in 2021

2-5-5, Hatagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan 151-0072
Business hours:
12:00-14:00 / 17:00-22:30 (Last entry: 20:00)
Intermittent holidays

Train: 3 minute-walk from the north exit of "Hatagaya Station" on the Keio New Line.
Car: 4 minutes from "Hatagaya Ramp" on Shuto Expressway Shinjuku Route 4 from Shinjuku


Omakase Course: "Sango"
(Chef's Choice Course: "Coral")
33,000 yen
(39,930 yen: tax and service charge included)

Omakase Course: "Shiosai"
(Chef's Choice Course: "Roar of the Sea")
40,000 yen
(48,400: tax and service charge included)

We also have pairing courses with alcoholic drinks
carefully selected by sommeliers to match the dishes.

Japanese Sake Pairing Course
(Meal course plus 12,100 yen: tax and service charge included)

Wine Pairing Course
(Meal course plus 14,520 yen: tax and service charge included)

* 10 glasses of alcoholic beverage are served per course

Special Course Serving
Top Class Wines with Superb Ingredients

Omakase Course: "Kairyu"
(Chef's Choice: "Ocean Current")
500,000 yen
(550,000 yen: tax and service charge included)

* This course is available for two people or more.
Please note, if you would like to make a reservation for three people or more,
please contact us by phone or through the reservation form on our website.

If you have any further requests or questions regarding our restaurant, please feel free to contact us.

Reservation via telephone+81-3-3320-5401Reservations accepted 10:00-21:00

Official Retailer of
World Class Watches and Jewelry

"YOSHIDA" is the only official retailer in Japan which brings together watch / high class jewelry brands renowned all over the world.
We will assist customers to select the finest watches and jewelry.



A space to enjoy "time" with a perspective view

You can see a panoramic view of seasonal changes and scenes changing with time.
Matsusakaushi YOSHIDA is in the best location for an upscale restaurant on the 53th floor of Tokyo Opera City, which makes you forget the bustle of city life.
You will get your fill of superb cuisine cooked by outstanding chefs under the supervision of Yukio HATTORI, a leading light in the cooking world.


Matsusakaushi YOSHIDA
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